Meet the demands of distribution and regulatory reporting with ease – all of your data, from one trusted source


  • Do you have a solution in place for  SEC Reporting Modernization rules?

  • Are you looking for a data solution to manage your KIDs for PRIIPs?

  • Do you worry about the accuracy and timeliness of your data?

  • Are data management issues holding you back from growing your business?

  • Are you concerned about the quality of data used or the challenges you face pulling together the data from multiple sources for an RFP response or client report?

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If it’s new it’s worrying; if it’s news it’s really worrying

  There are three reasons sub-advisors need to catch up fast on N-PORT: Someone else’s regulation has become YOUR problem We’ve come across this issue many times over the past few years but it’s...

So, which N-PORT provider are you going with?

  With so many firms thinking tactically when it comes to solving for Form N-PORT / N-CEN, it is refreshing that some recent conversations have seen mutual fund companies proposing to leverage their solution...

The awkward moment when your N-PORT solution provider tells you there’s a data management gap…and it’s your problem

There is a hierarchy of tasks in any job and a simple binary function that determines what is at the very top of the list of things to do. In other words, there are...

Casting light on N-PORT shadows

At this moment in time, most “40 Act” managers in the US should have an active and very high profile SEC Reporting Modernization program. Someone, somewhere in each firm should be under a lot...

Waiter, where’s my soup?

New blog from Managing Director Conor Smyth The perils of “end-to-end” solutions to SEC Reporting Modernization that don’t actually go from end-to-end One of the common idioms here in the US that my European...

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