Accudelta, part of the MoneyMate Group, offers a range of data management products and services that facilitates flexible and cost- efficient access to high quality data from one, centralised and trusted source.

What is the Accudelta approach?

Once the client agrees to the data assessment, the first step is to facilitate the Accudelta team to assess the data requirements. The Accudelta team will present the chosen standard output template, and working with you, confirm the source for each of the data required. This will be an iterative process, as instructed by you, until the assessment reports that the data meets the pre-requisites to on-board. You can then on-board the data once the pre-requisites have been met.

What happens when regulatory and platform templates are upgraded?

Accudelta will always remain up to date with Industry template changes and implement changes to support new templates.

What happens if you already use our Silverfinch product?

The client will still leverage Silverfinch for centralised controlled/permissioned distribution. However, the data would need to be re-directed so that it initially passes through Accudelta. A data assessment would be performed to determine if the data is ready to be on- boarded to Accudelta (see more on Accudelta’s approach above).

The client can then avail of the multiple features of Accudelta products, whilst still maintaining the centralised controlled/permissioned distribution capability from Silverfinch.