Quality Data

Quality Data Management applies a structured data quality management process, with a framework for supporting effective data stewardship and governance data.

Typical business consumers of product data include:

  • Factsheets
  • Web
  • Client Reporting
  • RFP/RFI/DDQ Response
  • Internal MIS

Accudelta’s user friendly portal provides a full oversight of the data flows and exception management. The earlier in the publication cycle that data issues can be discovered, the lower the risk of exposure and cost to fix the issue.

Firms need to collect and derive data in various formats from many sources. Often the work is carried out manually leading to errors and delivery of inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent data.

With Accudelta Data Quality Management, you can gather, validate and centralize the data to one, single, trusted store. You are creating a consistency of data that provides greater reassurance to clients about the quality of the data delivered.

Accudelta has the workflow and business rule engine needed to support the rigorous application of data quality process, and robust reconciliation processes to your data.

  • Data Dictionary to provide context, meaning and business usage of data attributes
  • On-boarding of data working with our Project Management Team using our defined project management processes
  • Data configuration of the multiple data feeds
  • Data Aggregation and identification of the “true” source for each file
  • Structured workflow capability to link different data processing tasks together. Business rules and event triggers are used to move each data processing task along the workflow
  • Business rules setup for data validation using our rules engine
    • Standard rule set included
    • Additional client specific rules can be applied
  • Monitoring of data via a web based portal dashboard to oversee workflows and business rule exceptions
  • Reconciliation of data from multiple data sources to identify discrepancies. The rules engine supports complex matching to support the reconciliation process
  • All data loaded is quarantined while the data quality management and matching processes are being applied. The applied severity level for each raised exception controls the treatment of the data.
    • Blocking the exception forces the data to be blocked from proceeding in the workflow
    • Releasing the exception allows the data being held by this rule to proceed to load
  • Automated Exception Notifications by email to each data steward and a link directing the steward to the exception management portal screen
  • Scheduled customised outputs as required by clients to support the above mentioned business needs

Contact us for a free consultation on your data management needs. We can also customise a demonstration for you on how the Accudelta suite of products can provide solutions for your specific needs. Please take a moment to complete and return the online form to tell us about the data management issues you are experiencing.

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