SEC Reporting Modernization

Solutions for the new SEC Reporting Modernization Rules must be fully tested and in place before July 2018

Accudelta can provide an end-to-end solution to the new SEC Reporting Modernization rules.  

Time is running out and firms must:

  • in the short term, decide on the best strategy to gather data in a 30-day filing window from many sources – at least 30% of this data is new and will present a challenge to source
  • collect and aggregate data from a range of different sources and formats, normalizing this information into the required data model
  • reconcile investment book data with accounting book data to ensure that there is confidence in the information being filed
  • deliver this data every month and on time to the SEC

As part of our services we:


  1. guide you as you establish your Reporting Modernization processes and advise you on best practices to meet SEC requirements
  2. help you identify and aggregate the right information from a vast range of sources in order to meet your obligations
  3. normalize, standardize and cleanse the information to make your filings accurate and consistent, while also making sure the data is fit for use in other reports
  4. seamlessly format the data and organize your filing process – with Accudelta your relationship with the SEC remains under your control

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